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Our qualified experts have been assisting travelers for over 30 years, planning every detail of unforgettable vacations and seamless business trips to perfection. We are happy to provide this service, because travel is our passion and our life.

We have personally been to destinations worldwide, stayed at the top hotels and resorts, sailed aboard a wide range of cruise ships and embarked on the most memorable tours—and we use those vast experiences to recommend the ideal match for each client.

We also have established relationships with the travel industry’s best cruise lines, hotel chains and tour providers, enabling us to provide special offers and amenities you won’t find anywhere else—even online.

We combine our experience and our industry relationships to create unique and exceptional travel experiences for each and every one of our clients. In short, we help you travel better.


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Ken planned the perfect Costa Rica vacation for us! It was the best vacation we’ve ever had!

-- Stefani S.

I've had the Pleasure of these fine folks
Planning all my Cruises since I started a few years back. They have Completely taken care of every aspect of my Cruises and answered every question I might have. Galaxy Tours and Cruises will be my go to people when I'm ready for my next Adventure, and every one after that. Thank you!!

-- Michael P.

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