There are many reasons to partner with a GalaxSea Travel Advisor, but here are 7 key reasons we think you should.


1.  Relationships with Travel Suppliers & In-Destination Help – you know when you’re visiting your neighborhood restaurant where the servers are familiar and give you a new dessert to try with your meal sometimes? Companies and people love to reward loyalty and the same is true about travel providers. Travel advisors have relationships with these companies and their staff and want to keep that relationship mutually beneficial! The suppliers know that if they can keep their travel advisors’ clients happy, they’ll be more likely to send more people their way. Sometimes this can translate into extra attention, free upgrades, or even things like chocolate-covered strawberries in your room!  Plus, you never know when you might need help in a destination.  No better reason to have a friend you can turn to when needed.

2.  Knowledge about travel products – what’s the best resort, or cruise line, or which travel insurance should you get it?  This is what we deal with all the time, so we learn about these things to help you.  Should something  go wrong or there were any last-minute changes, we know which suppliers have the best support, and which insurance plans provide the right coverage.  The bottom line is that we know, and when you use us, that knowledge comes to you!  Our knowledge about travel is the difference, and it's important because it’s our job.

3.  Better rates / added benefits – you won’t always get better rates booking with an advisor, but usually and often you get more value added. In the age of online booking, it’s easier than ever to find “deals” online, but when you go through a massive online booking company, oftentimes, you’re not seeing the whole picture. Is that hotel room so cheap because it’s on the side of the building next to train tracks and faces a brick wall? With an advisor, you know exactly what you’re getting and what added benefits are coming along with it. Travel advisors also stay updated on what kind of sales are happening. If they know you’re looking for a river cruise to Europe and a big sale starts, they’ll know to pass that information along to you!

4. Translating dreams to reality – How do you take your vague notion about a dream vacation and turn it into reality? Ask your travel advisor! They’re able to translate your wants into real locations and help you identify what pieces of your trip will matter the most.

5.  Insight & experience with travel logistics – How much time do you need for a layover? Would it make the most sense to rent a car, hire a driver, or something else altogether? If even starting down that train of thought is giving you sweaty palms, take a deep breath and call your travel advisor.

6.  Peace of mind – In the unforeseen world that exists today, we know unfortunate events can interrupt your trip, or something does go wrong.  What better peace of mind in knowing you have someone on your side to help you through it and advocate for you.  This resource is invaluable. Instead of being stuck internationally frantically trying to track down all of the people you need to call, you can make one call to your travel advisor and trust them to figure out the best plan for you.

7.  We get to know you – The more you use your GalaxSea travel advisor, the more valuable they become. With each trip you take through them, the more feedback you’re able to give them on what worked for you and what you’d skip next time, making each subsequent trip even further beyond perfect.

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