What is HOT in travel now?
The restrictions around covid are mostly ended everywhere.  This means you can go anywhere without any issue.  With that being said - let's have some honest discussion about what things are like now.  Things are very busy, under high demand and pressure.  With travel demand being unlike anything we have every experienced, we encourage you to plan early, book early, and get what you want.  Don't delay, call us and let's get started.

Why is Travel Demand so HIGH?
Mostly because, everyone is going somewhere.
Prices are mostly higher, but value still exists, and we still know where to find it
Travel Restrictions have ended for just about everywhere globally, and with no more covid regulations - people are going
The pause in travel has made everyone a little hungrier than normal
With cruises being back that puts additional strain on airline seats, hotel space, and sightseeing excursions
There are limited resources with staff in many areas of travel and hospitality, so this reduces options
All of this means - book early, don't wait!

Travel interruptions also seem to be in the news daily.  Having us by your side is the ultimate peace of mind
GalaxSea = Travel with Experience
GalaxSea = Travel with Service
GalaxSea = Travel with Help

What are you waiting for?
Don't let someone else to take your spot!
Let's go!

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