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Thank you for your interest in our travel services.  We share excitement with the return to travel event happening.  There is a demand level like no other, but with travel in today's environment - there are many questions and concerns to address.  Time to work on everything is taking longer and resulting in a slower process.  While you wait, you can rest assured that our position is committed to:  Personal Service; Quality Vacation Experiences; Hassle Free Arrangements; and Traveling Better.  With our in-depth knowledge of travel we will help you plan, coordinate, book, and enjoy your travel without hassle.  We will be here before, during, and after to ensure your vacation success.

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How much will it cost you to use our services?  We're glad you asked.  We have (2) professional programs specifically designed to make your decision worry free.  Our Professional Plan and our VIP Concierge planning programs give you the complete level of services, including:  Trip research, planning, and quotes; booking the trip; preparing you for the trip; being available for you during the trip; and ready to assist you with any post travel advocacy needed.  Before, During, and After, all bundled together.  The costs for our services start at $150, but can be higher depending on your trip needs.  You can also choose to hire us for research only, or you can hire us and our services by the hour.   More details on our fee's, can be found by clicking here.

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Dedicated to helping our clients travel better, our experienced agents are passionate about sharing their industry knowledge and first-hand insights.


Kristine Hall
Travel Consultant Specializing in Disney Vacations
Ken Mayer
Travel Advisor and Group Travel Specialist
Shannon Brodie
All-Inclusive/ Honeymoon/Cruise Specialist
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